Respicare AirSterilizer Pro

Respicaire AirSterilizer Pro®
Key Features & Technology:
  • Effective against Airborne Microbial, VOC’s & Odors
  • Four unique Oxidizers - Nasa Technology
  • Unique Active Ionic Air Cleansers - Patented Spiroplate System
  • Provides both VOC reduction & coil treatment - Provides both VOC reduction & coil treatment
  • In-field adjustable Oxidation - “Smart” Light Photo Cell
  • Confirms lamp operation visually - Dealer Programmable LCD screen
Air sterilizer
The AirSterilizer Pro® is an Active Plasma Ions PHPCO Air Scrubber that uses Ozonating UV light & catalytic reactions to create Ionically charged airborne oxidizers. These highly effective oxidative air cleansers freely circulate throughout your home to help reduce molds, virus, bacteria, microbial, odors and chemical VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds). This means that airborne microbial including odors and chemical gases are unable to escape the oxidative cleansing action of the Air Sterilizer Pro®. It is particularly helpful for indoor environments that experience higher levels of humidity.

The Air Sterilizer Pro® features our patented “Spiroplate” Catalytic Disks that create these active ionic air cleansers. The special UV lamp inside reacts with the Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) treated surfaces of the Spiroplate chamber. This catalytic reaction emits the natural oxidative cleansers to help sanitize & purify your indoor air.

Each unit features our “smart light” photocell technology that visually confirms lamp & system operation. High Temperature versions are available for warm ambient conditions with the ability to tandem for larger installations or product options. The Air Sterilizer Pro® offers our exclusive programmable service LCD to monitor day to day operation and support annual maintenance. UV lamps are 9000Hr with 2 Year lamp option available.

Paint cans
Commons mold that grows in households
Cigarette Smoke Odors
Inhaling and breathing cigarette smoke is toxic and can cause cancer
Household garbage odors
Garbage stored inside and around the buildings causes various unpleasant smells
Pathogens are many microorganisms that cause various diseases
Burning wood indoors is not as healthy as we thought. It is similar to smoking the cigarette.
Plastic bowls and plates
Many household items are made of plastics. Daily we inhale the VOCs that are released into our indoor air.
Many Viruses are airborne and easily recirculated through your HVAC system
Fish & Poultry Odors
Raw meats, fish, poultry, garlic, spices & cooking food creates many unwanted odors that often linger for days in our indoor air.
Factory with smokestack
Outdoor Air pollution is getting worse and is difficult to control.
Streptococcus Bacteria
Many bacteria are very resilient against antibiotics and easily spread from person to person.
Pets at Home
Pets’ sweat & dander cause various unwanted odors indoors.
Black Mold
Black mold is very toxic to humans and can cause death in some cases.


Consumer Benefits

  • Active Ions migrate  to “scrub & clean” your indoor air & surfaces
  • The Air Sterilizer purifies indoor air by oxidizing Mold, Microbial, Odors & VOC’s ….
  • It’s particularly effective in high humidity environments where mold is common
  • Produces 4 ionic air oxidizers to kill, cleanse, oxidize & sterilize
  • Helps maintain energy efficiency by keeping your heating & cooling system clean
  • Works 24-7, 365 days a year to provide cleaner indoor air
  • UVC Systems create a healthier Indoor Air Environment for You and Your Family

Maintenance is convenient. Simply replace your special UV lamp once a year for optimum performance. To learn more or determine which system is best for you contact us directly for support.

Respicaire offers an Ultra Violet product solution tailored to your equipment needs.