Custom HVAC Ductwork

Ducts deliver air for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning throughout structures. Proper sizing of the ductwork to deliver the correct amount of airflow is one of the most critical steps in designing an HVAC system. Improper sizing can result in inadequate airflow, reduction of energy efficiency, and discomfort Improper sizing of ductwork results in shorter equipment life and is the largest factor of premature failure along with the lack of maintenance.

Unique Indoor Comfort’s engineers utilize state of the art design software to design fully functional energy efficient HVAC systems. While it may be cost prohibited to replace an entire pre-existing duct system; our engineers can provide system modifications that can increase the duct systems functionality. Such as: increasing return air size; adding more supplies; and installing zoning controls.

Installations • Modifications • Repairs

Proper ductwork design and installation goes beyond the functionality of the HVAC system. Duct systems can be designed to make a bold aesthetic statement in your home or office.

Air leakage is a common occurrence that reduces energy efficiency that can be easily remedied if the ductwork is accessible. Duct seams and joints that leak air can be sealed with a strong adhesive foil tape. Foil tape is now required on all seams and joints according to some local codes.

“Duct tape,” while a great universal tape, loses adhesion and disintegrates over time.”