Air filtration

Indoor Air Quality

Levels of air pollution inside the home can be 7 to 10 times higher than outdoor levels. These indoor air quality products can make the air inside your home or office cleaner and safer to breathe by killing and/or reducing: viruses, bacteria, mold spores, dust, odors, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Contact us, if allergies or asthma are a concern or if you would like to improve your indoor air quality. Our Certified Indoor Air Quality Comfort Advisors will provide you with a free in-home/office consultation.

Air Cleaners

Electronic Air Cleaners (EACs) and are designed to clean the air by filtering out harmful particles and air pollutants like allergens, mold, pet dander and dust.

Air Purifiers

An Air Purifier or an Air Cleaner is an Indoor air quality device that removes contaminants from the air. Air purifiers come in small portable units designed to purify an individual room and whole-house models that when attached to your furnace and air conditioning system will clean and purify the air while your furnace or air conditioner is operating.


Whole house dehumidifiers provide the health benefit of preventing mold, mildew growth and musty basement smells. In addition, the health and comfort levels dehumidifiers provide; they also prevent damage to wood furniture, doors, and windows.


Filters are the first step in protecting your furnace and indoor air quality. A high-efficiency furnace filter can slow airflow too much, but low-efficiency filters don’t filter dust very well. Contact us to get a better understanding of the issues concerning indoor air quality and learn how to find the right filter for your furnace.


Global Plasma Solutions products produce ions.  GPS’ patented technology produces the same ions that are found naturally in the atmosphere. GPS’ technology recreates those levels of ions within buildings to achieve the same odor and pathogen control mother nature provides. These ions kill and/or reduce viruses, bacteria, mold spores, dust, odors, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).


Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) provide fresh air and improved climate control, while also saving energy by reducing heating and cooling requirements.


Humidifiers can help maintain the proper humidity level in your home or office, creating a more energy-efficient and above all, more comfortable indoor environment.

UV Lights

Ultra Violet Lights kills bacteria and mold growing on the indoor evaporator coil that can spread throughout the ductwork and become airborne.

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