Special Offers

We offer a variety of ways to save on all of your heating and cooling needs no matter what the season. Take advantage of these great offers today. Unique Indoor Comfort has a coupon for heating and cooling service, repairs, maintenance agreements, and equipment replacement/installations. Our expert technicians will be right out to help.

Air Purifiers and Air Cleaner Specials

If you are wondering if there is anything else that you could do to help make your home safer, we have a line of indoor air filtration and purification products available that have been proven to reduce and eliminate:

  • Airborne Odors
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Microbials
  • VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Allergens
oxy 4

Now $975 Installed!

Normally $1150 ● Now $1020 Installed!

FREE 2nd Opinions on cracked furnace heat exchangers

We offer FREE Second Opinions on furnace heat exchangers. If your furnace heat exchanger has been condemned by another company; give us a call! Often what looks like a crack can be rust, oxidation, or another marking on the heat exchanger. If we find a crack, we will show it to you! A cracked heat exchanger is not the end of the world and does not mean you need to replace your furnace. Heat exchangers often have 20 to 30-year warranties and with certain manufacturers offering limited lifetime warranties.

Air Conditioner installation specials

  • Install an air conditioner by April 30th, and get $100 OFF or
  • Install a furnace and air conditioner by April 30th, and get $250 OFF your system’s installation.

Spacepak and Unico System Off Season Discount

Now scheduling OFF Season Discounts on Spacepak and Unico System installations for this fall and winter. Brand new installations and system replacements are eligible for our off-season discounts. If you do not have air conditioning in your home; find out why High-Velocity air conditioning systems are more efficient and most importantly, more comfortable than conventional metal duct forced air systems. Call or contact us today to schedule an in-home estimate.

ecobee 5 WiFi Thermostart with Amazon’s Alexa

Control your home with your smartphone and the power of your voice with Amazon’s Alexa.

Preseason maintenance & safety inspections

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. Reduced Energy Costs
  3. Increased Equipment Life
  4. Satisfaction Guarantee

Every comfortable living and work environment is dependent upon a properly functioning; heating and cooling system.  Annual maintenance of boilers, furnaces, humidifiers, and air conditioners – is the first step to reduce costly breakdowns and their corresponding repairs.  Due to our climate in Chicago, our heating and cooling equipment can run almost year-round depending on personal comfort level.  Annual maintenance keeps the heating and cooling equipment operating more efficiently.  Operating at a higher efficiency level reduces unnecessary stress, resulting in increased equipment life for both your heating and cooling systems.

Unique Indoor Comfort’s Maintenance Agreement plans may be the right fit for your heating and cool equipment.  All brands of furnaces, boilers, humidifiers, and air conditioners are eligible, also including some accessories.

Nicor Gas Rebates  ·  North Shore Gas Rebates

Current Offers: Up to $600 for qualified equipment.

  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Boiler Rest Controls
  • Complete System (Furnace & AC)
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Pipe Insulation

Manufacturers’ rebates for major HVAC components such as air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, and water heaters change seasonally. Check back often to see what rebates are available for both your heating and cooling needs.

Utility rebates for both natural gas and electric heating sources are both state and federally funded.  The rebates available for furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and air conditioners are subject to the amount left in the applied fund.  Once the funds have been depleted, the rebate offer is over.

Please contact us should you have any questions on what rebates, tax credits, and coupons may be available for your heating and cooling needs.

Air Conditioner Installation Specials

We are currently offering discounts up to $500 on air conditioning system installations.


Please print and give it to your technician at the time of service. Limit one coupon per transaction. Expires: 5/30/2022

$30 off coupon