Furnace Maintenance & Safety Inspection

Specializing in residential and commercial furnace maintenance, Unique Indoor Comfort’s professional technicians are dedicated to keeping our clients’ furnaces operating safely and efficiently. Our technicians have been professionally trained and service all brands of furnaces.

Unique Indoor Comfort is a full-service heating and air conditioning service and repair company. We work hard to keep you warm all winter long and strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction with every job. Whether your furnace is new or getting on in years, it should be inspected and maintained annually; preferably before the cold weather arrives.

furnace filter
performign a furnace tune up

Instead of performing a “Tune-up” – Unique Indoor Comfort performs furnace maintenance and safety inspections.

Is there a difference? Yes! During a 15 minute “Tune-up,” no technician can go through all the components of the furnace. So – what is left out? The most important aspects of ensuring your furnace is operating safely. Why is that an important distinction? Heating equipment is, unfortunately, one of the top 3 causes of house fires in the U.S. depending on the year.

What is important during furnace maintenance?

  • Every time the furnace turns on, the furnace is built to go through a controlled ignition to prevent an explosion.
  • Furnace safeties actually shut the furnace off.
  • The Flue gasses (exhaust) are properly venting out of the house.
  • While the furnace is running, no Flue gasses are leaking into the air you breathe within the furnace.
  • The furnace is properly wired to prevent electrocution

The benefit of furnace maintenance:

Annual maintenance and safety inspections save you money on repair bills, minimizes breakdowns and helps ensure you stay comfortably warm all winter long. A well-maintained furnace operates more efficiently, consuming less energy, reducing your energy bills. Another benefit of performing annual furnace maintenance is a longer lifespan.
Contact Unique Indoor Comfort for regular furnace maintenance and emergency repair services. Furnace repair services are available 24/7 with emergency technicians ready to deploy at any time of day or night. We offer same-day service by our licensed and insured professionals. Our techniques and technologies are environmentally friendly and we offer up-front pricing from our factory trained and authorized service team. Call us today for more information and book your furnace maintenance.

The importance of keeping your home comfortably warm during winter’s as harsh as they get here in Illinois’ simply can’t be understated. Our technicians can improve energy efficiency and help prevent expensive repairs due to avoidable mechanical failures. Here at Libertyville’s Unique Indoor Comfort, we offer homeowners from Lake County to Southwestern Wisconsin a range of furnace maintenance and repair services designed to ensure your household heating runs safely and at optimum efficiency. If you’re neglecting your home furnace, you’re paying more for it. It’s adding to your monthly bills with lost efficiency, unnecessary breakdowns, and a shortened system lifespan. Our technicians will conduct a complete analysis of your home furnace from its air delivery system to its flame sensor; they’ll give you the kind of peace of mind that can only come from knowing your furnace is operating safely and efficiently.

Our Home Furnace Maintenance Services Include:

  • Replacing Your Filters – a dirty filter can increase your chances of suffering from a cracked heat exchanger, restricted air flow and causing your home furnace’s motor to overheat or safety limits to fail.
  • Cleaning Your Burners – a dirty burner can cause your home furnace’s igniters to fail prematurely.
  • Clean Dirty Flame Sensors – your flame sensor is a standard furnace safety feature. When a burner ignites, the flame sensor detects the heat and communicates to the control board to allow that burner to stay lit. When they’re dirty, the sensor cannot detect flame and shuts the furnace down as a safety precaution. Obviously, that kind of premature shutdown results in higher home heating costs.

Proactive maintenance will prolong the life of your unit and ensure that your home furnace runs smoothly and efficiently. Regular maintenance often means fewer heating repairs. Unique Indoor Comfort Libertyville offers homeowners a furnace check-up including carbon monoxide leak testing, blower inspection, pilot and thermocouple wiring, thermostat leveling and calibration and filter replacement. Unfortunately, no matter how well your home heating system is maintained, eventually your furnace will need to be repaired. Unique Indoor Comfort Libertyville offers 24-hour emergency home furnace repairs in Chicago, Lake County, IL and in Southwestern Wisconsin.