Boiler Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

As boiler systems age, they can lose energy efficiency or stop working altogether. That’s why it’s a good idea to have yours serviced every year. Unique Indoor Comfort’s expertise in hot water and steam boiler heat can attend to any of your boiler needs.

Boiler Maintenance & Repairs

Our technicians specialize in repairing, maintaining and installing home boilers and water heating systems. Over the years we’ve found that homeowners can extend the service life of a hot water system with regular service. So if you’re in Lake County, IL or Southwestern Wisconsin and you have a home boiler that hasn’t been getting regular maintenance checkups, you’re in the right place. Here at Unique Indoor Comfort Libertyville, we’re focused on maintaining the safety, efficiency, and dependability of boilers and water heating systems. Home boiler maintenance and efficiency testing are not only important for their longevity; it’s an absolute necessity to ensure home safety.

Because carbon monoxide leaks or improperly installed vent piping can pose serious home safety hazards, our HVAC technicians will rigorously test your home’s water heat system and identify improvements that will bolster your home boiler’s efficiency. At Unique Indoor Comfort Libertyville, our goal is to provide you with comfort and security, whether you’re in need of home boiler repairs, regular maintenance services or a completely new water heating system. From diagnosis to parts selection, our home boiler technicians are ready to exceed your expectations.

Regular Home Boiler Maintenance Can Help Prevent:

  • Drops in your system’s water pressure that can cause your radiator or entire sections of your home to not heat
  • Circulating pump lockups due to irregular oiling
  • Soot build-ups in your home boiler’s heat exchanger that can plug it and cause flames to roll outside (resulting in a serious fire hazard)

Remember, water can exert more explosive power than TNT. In other words, issues with your home’s hot water or steam boiler should be addressed by a certified professional. From onsite repairs to system performance analysis, we help homeowners from Chicago and Lake County, IL to Southwestern Wisconsin maintain their hot water heating systems. If you’re looking for more information or need a boiler repair estimate don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re here to ensure that you have the warm, worry-free, home, you deserve.

Boiler Installations

Unique Indoor Comfort’s expertise in hot water and steam boiler heat has been keeping Lake County and the North Shore comfortably warm since 1967.  After innovating and perfecting the best way to cool homes with hot-water and steam heat, Unique Indoor Comfort began installing energy efficient boiler systems throughout the North Shore.

Our expertise in older homes allows us to efficiently heat and cooling homes, removing hot and cold rooms.  Hot water and steam boiler heat provide the most comfortable draft-free heating. We have completed many HVAC installations of historical homes throughout the area including heating and cooling David Adler homes in Lake Forest; Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Highland Park & Glencoe; and many other notable historical estates throughout the North Shore. We have the experience to install and replace heating and cooling systems without affecting the architectural integrity of any building.

Our daily work comprising of repairing both heating and cooling systems in an older home has given us unmatched experience in repairing heating systems in older homes.  Boiler systems in older homes often develop problems that are hidden in the walls and pipes.  Knocking pipes and ticking radiators are not unrepairable.  Unique Indoor Comfort has over 48 years dedicated to heating and cooling homes with radiators and baseboard.

We service steam boilers in Lake Forest to Winnetka and hot water boiler throughout Lake County & North Shore.  With experience servicing boilers in large estates, single-family homes, and multiple boiler radiant systems in large condominium buildings; Libertyville Unique Indoor Comfort performs all your boiler installation and repair needs.

Libertyville Unique Indoor Comfort Heating and Cooling offers free estimates on boiler replacements and installations. Contact us today to schedule. We like the draft free and allergen free heat so much, we installed a 90%+ AFUE energy efficient wall hung boiler in our own office; here in Libertyville.