Baseboard Heating

Cast Iron Baseboard

Whether you are remodeling or building new, Unique’s designed hydronic heating systems provide a healthier/more comfortable indoor space and increased energy efficiency during the heating season. Baseboard’s radiant heat provides draft-free heat, which all reduces the circulation of allergens and other pollutants throughout your home or office as compared to conventional forced air heat. In addition to the products below, Unique Indoor Comfort has the ability to find older and antique baseboard/radiators to match existing ones you may have in your home or office.

Cast iron radiant baseboard designed by Burnham with performance and dependability in mind. Its low profile, sleek design fits well with any décor, and it can be painted with a high-grade enamel paint to coordinate with your room’s color scheme.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable, Even Heat
  • Durable Construction and Quiet Operation
  • Residential or Commercial Applications
Burnham baseboard heater

Copper Fin Tube Baseboard

A cost-effective alternative to cast iron baseboard is the copper fin tube baseboard. Copper fin comes in many different lengths and can be coupled together to make long baseboard lengths and can be installed on inside and outside corner walls. Copper fin should not be mixed with cast iron baseboard or cast iron radiators. Cast iron retains heat longer and can cause rooms that have copper fin to feel cold due to the faster heat loss of the copper fin.

Copper Fin Tube Baseboard
Copper Fin Tube Baseboard
Copper Fin Tube Baseboard Heating Element
Copper Fin Tube Baseboard Heating Element

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