HVAC Maintenance – AC Maintenance Services

Residents and families of Chicago Northshore suburbs like Highland Park, Winnetka, Libertyville, and Gurnee contact Unique Indoor for expert air conditioner maintenance service. Our regularly scheduled maintenance visits help northeastern Illinois residents save money, time and frustration on emergency repairs. Avoid your own air conditioner repair emergencies with our inspection services.

The importance of preventative air conditioner maintenance

Regular air conditioner maintenance is critical, whether your air conditioning system is new or has been operating for a number of years. Our annual air conditioner maintenance and safety inspection saves you money on repair bills, minimizes breakdowns, increases efficiency and helps ensure that you enjoy the comfort of your home all summer long. Our complete service and maintenance plans will extend the life of your system.

FREE 2nd Opinions on air conditioner compressors

The compressor is the heart of the air conditioner.  When it fails internally the compressor often has to be replaced or the entire air conditioner needs to be replaced.  Compressor failure can be misdiagnosed and homeowners may end up replacing the air conditioner when it doesn’t need to be.  If your air conditioner’s compressor has been condemned by another company; give us a call!

Check out our Maintenance Agreement plans

You can choose between our two cost-effective plans, designed to fit any budget, so you and your family can enjoy your unique home in comfort for years to come.