Rooftop HVAC Units – Installation, Maintenance, & Repair

When you need light commercial HVAC rooftop unit installation, maintenance, or repair, call at Libertyville’s Unique Indoor Comfort. We handle all makes and models and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about our services. Whether your current rooftop unit needs to be repaired or maintained or you’re shopping for a reliable replacement unit for your office, the HVAC technicians here at Unique Indoor Comfort Libertyville have the training to get the job done. Give us a call today to learn more about our rooftop unit services.

rooftop ac unit

Unique Indoor Comfort Libertyville offers businesses from Lake County, Illinois to Southwestern Wisconsin dependable maintenance and inspection services for their rooftop units, because the best way to avoid costly repairs is a regular maintenance program. Regular maintenance will keep your rooftop unit running efficiently and safely. If there’s any damage to your rooftop unit, waiting until it causes a breakdown can make that damage worse and the repairs more costly. Our HVAC maintenance programs are designed to catch and deal with problems before they can metastasize. They’re better for your heating and air conditioning system and better for your budget.

Regular Rooftop-Unit Maintenance Can Head off a Variety of Issues

  • Rooftop units can become clogged by bees or wasps, who’ll eventually find their way through the system’s ductwork
  • The belts of rooftop units lose their tension over time, causing their wheels to slip and reducing air flow
  • Since the rooftop units are rarely easily accessible it’s difficult for non-professionals to replace tenant/owner to regularly replace their filters. A dirty filter means a dirty evaporator coil that will freeze during AC operation. It can also result in a plugged drain that will cause water to leak through the unit.

We can repair your current rooftop unit or install an entirely new system. If you’re looking for rooftop unit maintenance, we have service programs that include annual visits, discounted rates and more. Unique Indoor Comfort is a different kind of HVAC services provider. We’re available 24/7 to meet your businesses rooftop unit maintenance or repair needs here in Lake County, IL, on Chicagoland’s North shore or Southwestern Wisconsin.